Importance of Usenet Retention and Completion in choosing a Usenet provider

Usenet Retention & Completion

Usenet is an online forum where people post and read articles from various categories, usually known as the newsrooms. Understanding the workings of Usenet will help you to maximize all the available features to grow your business.

What is Usenet Retention?

Usenet Retention is the amount of time the files will be kept saved on the servers of the Usenet provider. Let’s say if you post a file to the servers of XS Usenet, your published data will be available on their network for 1100 days from the original date of posting. After which it will be deleted to make space for the newly posted information.

Importance of Usenet Retention

Always consider the Usenet Retention time while choosing a Usenet provider as it can provide you the information about how long a file present in the Newsgroups i.e. retention is the amount of time a Usenet service provider keeps the files saved on their servers.  If the retention time is quite long, the files can be used for more extended periods.


Completion refers to the number of files a Usenet server will have in comparison with the amount of data present. A good Usenet provider will have 99% Usenet completion throughout their Newsgroups.

Explanation of Usenet terms


A Newsgroup is an online discussion board provided by Usenet. It contains information about a specific topic. There are newsgroups about a wide range of topics. You need a Usenet subscription to access the newsgroup. Also, a newsreader program is essential to browse, post, or reply to the issues.

Nine hierarchies of newsgroups

Newsgroups are generally categorized into hierarchies to find the related groups easily. The prefix before the first dot defines the hierarchy. Newsgroup messages resemble email lists, but they are not sent to individual users; instead, they are posted publicly.

There are nine top-level hierarchies: the Big 8 and the alt.

Big 8 Hierarchies

comp.*: Information related to computers such as hardware and programming language

humanities.*: Literature, philosophy, music, classical studies, and art.

misc.*: Topics that don’t fall into the other eight hierarchies.

news.*: Deals with information about protocols, administration of Usenet software and policies

rec.*: Contains topics about hobbies and recreation

sci.*: Discussions about science and technology

soc.*: Religion, culture, history, politics, lifestyle, and discussions about social interest

talk.*: Heated debates and discussions.

Alternate hierarchies

alt.*: It contains the most diverse range of topics, and is by far the most substantial hierarchy. Any person can create an alt at any time, so most news servers do not carry an alt, or they subscribe to only a small portion of its groups.

biz.*: It contains a wide range of business topics.

clari.*: the clari groups require a license fee and form the Usenet newspaper of sorts. Here the groups are moderated.

k12.*: It contains groups for K12 educators.

microsoft.*: Here, the groups deal with technology and products.

vmsnet.*: Issues related to VMS are discussed in these groups.

What is PAR?

It is an abbreviation for the word – Parity ARchive. There are two types of files PAR and PAR2. They are used to repair and replace missing or damaged files present in Usenet. The Usenet files are passed from one Usenet server to another Usenet server with different storage capacities. As a result, some parts of the messages will go missing. PAR and PAR2 files help to find the missing messages.

What is RAR?

RAR files relate to file downloads. It’s a file that’s been reduced from its original size by data compression. It contains either single or several compressed files. A RAR file helps to break large binary files and forms an efficient format for Usenet.

XS Usenet features

XS Usenet started providing services in 2009. It was the first one to provide free Usenet. Since its humble beginnings, it has grown into a massive community of hundreds and thousands of people. XS Usenet offers various packages.

· Free Usenet
· Premium Usenet
· VPN Security
· Usenet + VPN

XS Usenet has servers located on important locations worldwide so you can get fast connectivity. The setup is quite simple. You don’t need to stress over account validity or complex order processing; easy access is their specialty.

They provide a variety of payment plans, including SOFORT banking, SEPA/ideal, credit card, Paysafecard, and cryptocurrencies. With a premium package, they offer 50 connections as well as hundreds of megabits of bandwidth. There’s no contract and no complicated fees. They have multilingual staff round the clock to answer all your queries. With such amazing features, it’s no wonder that XS Usenet will grow your business to the new heights.

Why Usenet is considering as the Best Alternative to Torrents in 2020

Usenet-Best Torrent alternative

“Torrents”: It is the new synonym for file transfer in the digital world. People across the globe use it for all type of data sharing requirements from movies to software and much more. It gravitates customers with its cost-free approach and highly user-centric design. 

Still, the professionals in the domain are a bit apprehensive about its abilities to ensure a secure and efficient environment for data transfer. There is a visible tilt towards Usenet as a competent and viable alternative and is gaining traction at an impressive rate. 

What is Usenet, and how is it different from torrents?

Usenet is an interconnected global network of servers that mirrors at regular intervals. Thousands of Newsgroups on different topics and its subscribers are the building blocks for Usenet. Newsgroups carry out discussions on the specific topic and enable data sharing between the group members. To utilize the features of Usenet, one need to be a member of the newsgroup and is often a paid membership. Usenet providers recover their expenses for server management through these subscription fees. 

On the other hand, Torrents work on a peer-to-peer model, by making each one in the network a contributor using their resources. It eliminates the need for expensive servers and enables them to offer the service as free.

What are the drawbacks of torrents?

During Torrent downloading, a part of the downloaded file is seeded back to the network for others to download. This inefficient bandwidth usage reduces the download speed significantly, and the unregulated upload may get you a penalty for exceeding bandwidth limit. 

 Torrent uses a tracker to fetch files from different seeders across the network. If the number of seeders is high, then the download tends to be faster. However, the requirement to establish and maintain multiple sessions eats up resources and leads to performance degradation. 

The tracker logs your session activities such as Public IP, access details in an unencrypted form, making you vulnerable to hacker attacks. VPN is the only available solution to mitigate such security threats and is an expensive deal. 

Usenet: Is it a better alternative for torrents?

Usenet employs dedicated connections to the server and utilizes the entire bandwidth for download alone, making the process highly efficient. It uses SSL certificates to establish a secure connection. The server store files as compressed chunks of data and eliminate the need for external connections. Data centers, that host Usenet servers are well equipped to ensure continuous data availability and security. Such a system of assured performance is not available for torrents as it relies on the seeder resources. 

Copyright Violations 

Uploading and sharing of the copyrighted material is a menace for Torrents and Usenet alike. Even though both limits the responsibility for such violations to the user, it keeps occurring unabatedly. 

However, torrents are unable to get rid of it as there is no central authority to remove it. If you download copyrighted material, you are more likely to face the music as you automatically become a seeder, who distributes it to someone. 

Frequent incidents of such violations invited the wrath of enforcement agencies and torrents are getting banned in multiple countries. Usenet manages DMCA violations efficiently by removing the contents from the servers upon notification and make it unavailable to the entire network. 

Usenet providers, both free and commercial, gives you ample opportunities to get a first-hand experience of the service through highly flexible and scalable plans. It enables you to make informed decisions to choose the right path for your requirements.

How Usenet Newsgroups can help grow your Business?

Usenet Newsgroups for your Business

Millions of subscribers, thousands of newsgroups that discuss anything from knitting to cosmic rays, make Usenet a highly fertile soil for any marketing activities. Each Newsgroup represents a specific segment of the industry. It means, this is a convergence point of birds of a feather and is the most efficient platform to reach the targeted audience in that vertical.

By design, the newsgroups are a free platform for information sharing and data exchange within the members. Typically, any commercial activities such as product promotions, advertisements etc. are strictly banned in newsgroups, except a few. 

It creates a perplexing situation for startups with limited marketing budgets. They don’t have the money to spend on the brand building and are afraid about being kicked out from the best alternative, Newsgroups, for promoting their product. 

 However, well-orchestrated newsgroup activities can derive excellent results without any violations or financial expenditure. 

Below are some of the best ways to make Newsgroup marketing a reality: 

Identify Right Newsgroups:

Identify the most appropriate newsgroup with the audience for your business is the most crucial element in Newsgroup marketing. Instead of hitting the post button from day one, observe the group activities and analyze the behavior of top contributors for a while. It gives you great insights about the forum etiquettes and saves you from embarrassing situations such as warning or suspension at later stages.

Profile speaks a lot 

Your profile is your identity on the platform. Instead of using fancy names or your name, use your brand name as your profile name and company logo as your avatar. Ensure that your profile description explains your brand activities and your signature carries your contact information or website address. Such a well-crafted profile is a sure shot for improving brand penetration levels.

Be a contributor: 

Only lurking the forum won’t make any good. You should give answers to the questions to prove your authority in the domain. Such a positive approach will establish you as a competent personality in your segment and will trigger positive changes in your business growth. 

  Avoid disputes, arguments and violations

 Newsgroups are a potential market place not just for you, for your competitors too. Each one tries hard to get their share of the pie by different tactics. 

Avoid provocations, arguments and stay away from controversial discussions. It gives you brownie points in the form of improved business as people prefer to work with gentle, mature and emotionally stable business owners.

Competitor Analysis

Quality competitors are your best pals in sharpening your competitive edge. Newsgroups provide you with an excellent avenue to evaluate your competitor strategies in a vertical and develop solutions to outshine it. It helps you to move abreast with the industry and garner customers with irresistible product offerings.

Even though Newsgroup marketing is the best option to reach your targeted market globally with minimal efforts, the subscription fees for Usenet is a distraction for some. There are some free Usenet providers, and the majority of the seasoned Usenet providers offer free trial options. As a marketer, you can use the features to learn the ropes before moving with the expensive option. 

Indeed, Newsgroup marketing is the best cost-effective way to expand your client base to the entire world.

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