What is NZB File? How to Download it with Usenet?

NZB is a file format with the .nzb extension. Based on XML, its design is to help users find files they want to download.

- 3 Minutes Read
webmaster Feb 13, 2020

How to Use Usenet: Beginner’s Guide to Usenet Newsgroups

Usenet was conceived way back in 1979 by Tom Truscott and Jay Ellis. Their software development tool of choice being the Unix-to-Unix Copy (UUCP), a general purpose dial-up network architecture.

- 4 Minutes Read
webmaster Jan 13, 2020

Importance of Usenet Retention and Completion in choosing a Usenet provider

Usenet Retention is the amount of time the files will be kept saved on the servers of the Usenet provider.

- 4 Minutes Read
webmaster Jan 10, 2020

How Bandito VPN Helps You to Protect Your Internet Privacy?

Bandito VPN offers a wide range of server locations spread around every major city in the world, and affordable VPN service plans, beginning from monthly to annual plans.

- 3 Minutes Read
webmaster Dec 19, 2019

Why Usenet is considering as the Best Alternative to Torrents in 2020

“Torrents”: It is the new synonym for file transfer in the digital world. People across the globe use it for all type of data sharing requirements from movies to software and much more.

- 3 Minutes Read
webmaster Oct 28, 2019

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