How Bandito VPN Helps You to Protect Your Internet Privacy?

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  • 19 Dec 2019
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The Internet is your window to the world, offering instant connectivity to whatever information your heart desires. However, this very same convenience throws two major challenges your way – keeping your online activity both private and secure.

Without understanding these challenges and the threat they pose, you would never fully appreciate the value of a premium VPN service. So, let’s tackle each subject one by one and hopefully by the end of it, you would be in a better position to see what Bandito VPN brings to the table.

Internet Privacy Issues

Ideally, any information you seek, store or choose to share online is your right. These might include highly personal information like your banking details and private images, or less personal ones like your shopping list and browsing behavior. Regardless, there are three common issues related to privacy that you must know about, and they are:

Surveillance: Bad eggs in the government often abuse their powers to spy on common citizens. In fact, mass surveillance acts enforced since 2001 in the US and Canada require telecommunication companies and internet service providers to keep a log of their customers’ online footprints, for up to a year in some cases.

Identity Theft: By employing techniques like phishing, spyware, and malware, cybercriminals break into your online account and/or device and steal sensitive information such as banking details, personal photos, etc. Each year, millions fall prey to identity theft and find out much later when it’s too late.

Tracking: All your internet searches and the webpages you visit are considered precious information and therefore tracked by various entities. They use the data to push targeted advertisements on to your browser screen. The real danger with targeted advertisements is that it treats everything as an opportunity worth exploiting.

Security Issues

Your device may be ultra-secure, the Internet, however, isn’t. The matter becomes worse if you are connected to a run-of-the-mill public Wi-Fi network because public connections don’t always have a firewall and those that do, offer very basic protection. In the absence of a strong firewall, your data is open to third-party intrusion.

Ideally, no one should be able to access a network without proper authentication. And even then, you cannot always stop a theft. What you can however do is ensure that your data is encrypted so that only you or the intended party can see or read it. Sadly, public networks have little to no encryption mechanisms in place.

What is a VPN?

Normally, your device accesses the internet via your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and while your connection may be fast, it is not as secure. Plus, it can be traced back to your general location through your IP address. In contrast, with a VPN (Virtual Private Network), your device first connects to a private server, which is generally in a different city or country altogether, and then this server accesses the internet on your behalf.

In doing so, a premium VPN service not only keeps your data safe by providing a more robust and secure connection but also tricks the internet into thinking that your location is the same as that of the private server, thus fulfilling privacy requirements. Initially developed for corporations to transfer sensitive data over unsecured private and public networks, affordable VPN services for personal use grew by leaps and bounds, since WikiLeaks.

How Bandito VPN Can Help You?

With Bandito VPN running on your device, you can safely jump onto the internet on public Wi-Fi networks with the confidence that whatever passwords you are typing, or the websites you are visiting, can’t be intercepted by some random hacker sitting in a corner sipping his coffee.

In addition, Bandito VPN service ‘spoofs’ or tricks the internet into thinking that you’re requesting a service from a specific location irrespective of your actual geographic location. This is especially helpful if you travel a lot and use streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. which like to restrict content, based on your geo-location.

Bandito VPN Features

Right off the bat, Bandito VPN offers a wide range of server locations spread around every major city in the world, and affordable VPN service plans, beginning from monthly to annual plans and everything in between.

XS Usenet premium VPN plans offer unlimited speeds and data, along with SSL level encryption and can be used over multiple devices simultaneously. You can even choose between different VPN protocols like PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN to suit your specific needs. Most importantly, Bandito VPN follows a ‘no logs’ policy to safeguard your privacy.

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