How to download using Usenet for free?

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  • 23 Apr 2020
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When it comes to downloading different types of files from the internet, nothing can match free Usenet. You might argue that you can use torrents to achieve the same thing. However, these types of distributed file-sharing services aren’t always reliable.

Why Usenet is better than torrents?

The ability to look for files you need depends on the people who share them. Also, the speed at which you can download them hinges on the internet speed of these users. On top of that, your connection isn’t secure, putting your identity at significant risk. For example, it is necessary to share your seedbox, proxy, or other similar types of information, to start the torrenting process.

Usenet overcomes these issues, as it is secure, quick, and private. Despite being an old service, it continues to be the most reliable option available to people. However, for new users, downloading from free Usenet may seem to be a complex process.

Guide to using free Usenet to download files

While you have to go through extra steps to use this service, it is worth the effort. Given below is a simple guide, which will help you download with Usenet for free. You will also learn how to use Usenet during this process.

Create an account on XS Usenet

The first thing you need to do is create an account with XS Usenet, one of the few service providers with a free package. It gives you a download cap of 25 GB with a speed of 2 Mbit. With a free account, you can have a maximum of five connections.

Download Usenet client

Once you have an XS Usenet, you need to start looking for client software, which helps you download the necessary files. The options available to you depend on your computer’s operating software (OS) – Linux, macOS, and Windows.
One of the best clients for using Usenet is SABnzbd, which offers a myriad of features. At the same time, this software is light on your computer. Due to this reason, it won’t consume a large portion of your system’s resources.
After you install this software in your computer, you should look for the server tab. In this category, you can change the details, so that it gives you the best performance. You need to enter the XS Usenet server information, to make use of this service.
Once you login to your XS Usenet account, the dashboard will contain all the data you need to complete the above step. It has your username, password, hostname, and ports.

Search for NZB files

SABnzbd and all other clients which support free Usenet, require NZB files. You can think of these files as XML indexes, whose role is to make accessing and sharing information on Usenet easy. During the early days of Usenet, the entire process of downloading content was cumbersome. You needed to collect multiple files and reassemble them before you can use them.
With the introduction of NZB files, you no longer had to go through this process. The difference between these files and torrent files is that it directs you all the pieces of data you want, which is available on the Usenet server. The latter point you towards every user in the world, who are sharing the files you want to download.
All you have to do once the NZB file is on your computer is to double click it. After it launches SABnzbd (or any other client), the software will start downloading the content. Another option would be to set up SABnzbd to pick up the .nzb files immediately.
This way, the software will start downloading the content, as soon as the .nzb file becomes available. To do this, you need to change the “Watched Folder” to the directory where your browser stores downloaded files.

Should you upgrade to a premium account?

The free account you use on XS Usenet is free for Lifetime. However, it can be challenging to stick to the 25 GB data cap. Also, the 2 Mbit download speed can take a long time to download files.
Upgrading to the premium account will enhance your experience while you download it with Usenet. In this package, there are no restrictions on the download speed when you use this service. It also removes the data cap, ensuring you don’t have to worry about the file size. The retention date of both the premium and free account is the same at 1100 days.
It increases the number of active connections to 50, while giving you posting capability. Also, it provides access to the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) a protocol for encrypting the link between the server and the client software. As a result, your data is safe and secure at all times.

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