How to get a free Usenet account with Lifetime Validity?

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  • 10 Mar 2020
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Usenet came into existence in the year 1980. It was invented to form a network where people can exchange information in a dedicated group. It is the basis of the World Wide Web or the Internet that we use extensively today. The purpose of Usenet is to offer a platform where people can post information freely so that other users can see and respond to it. Usenet’s the original social network. To a greater extent, if we summarize, Usenet is a cross between a discussion forum and the ultimate file-sharing platform, but it’s still something else entirely. Though Usenet came before the Internet, blogs and social media, it is still in use in closed groups.

Why Usenet is Costly?

The demand for Usenet is increasing every day. As in any business, if the demand is high and supply is low, the cost of the product increases. The same universal law applies to Usenet too. Since there are very few reliable Usenet providers, the cost of acquiring Usenet is usually high. Also, Usenet uses several security features, high-speed servers and support staff to provide solutions to subscribers. 

How to get Free XS Usenet

To access XS Usenet all you need to do is visit the official homepage of and open an account to subscribe Usenet. Follow the below steps to get free XS Usenet.

1. Open the XS Usenet website and click on the ‘Subscribe Now’ button on the Signup page.

2. Fill up the details(Name, Email, and password) as requested on the website to complete the Signup procedure.

3. An email will be sent to you with details like username, password and connection details for your account. is the host for your free account. There are four options for the ports – 119, 80, 443 (SSL) and 563 (SSL). Among these four ports, 563 (SSL) is found to work well with free accounts.

4. Once you are allowed to use the service of XS Usenet, you can configure your Usenet clients like Unzbin and SABnzbd.

XS Usenet Features

XS Usenet is one of the best free Usenet providers. It also has premium Usenet plans, which have an edge over free Usenet. Below are some of the features of XS Usenet.

• With servers located in strategic locations around the world, XS Usenet provides high speeds and connectivity.
• Sign up takes less than 30 seconds since there is no need for account validation or complicated processes.
• There are several options for payment. You can choose from SOFORT banking, credit card, Pay safe card, SEPA/iDeal or cryptocurrencies.
• Premium Usenet offers you 50 simultaneous connections and hundreds of megabits of bandwidth.
• Up to 1100 days of retention with a 99% completion rate.
• There are no contracts or hidden termination fees. Hence, you can cancel, terminate or renew at any stage.
• The multilingual customer support is available round the clock to address any issues.

Advantages of Premium Usenet Plan

Most of the time using free Usenet plans hinders your productivity since they have many restrictions. Upgrading to a premium plan provides you several advantages. Some of them are listed below.

1. Retention – While free Usenet plans have limited retention rates, premium plans provide the longest retention rates depending upon the plan you choose.

2. Value for Money – You can choose from several plans suiting your requirements. Each plan has its own unique features giving you affordable access to newsgroups.

3. Security – With XS Usenet you get better security on all your communications and file sharing and it dominates over Torrent when you are comparing. XS Usenet Premium Usenet plan offers SSL protection while Free plan comes without SSL.

4. Speed – The speeds are heavily reduced for free Usenet plans. XS Usenet Free plan will have a speed cap of 2Mbit and Our premium Usenet plan gives Unlimited speed.

5. Posting – Free Usenet plans won’t give access to posting in Usenet Newsgroups. You need Premium Usenet plans for that.

6. Privacy – Premium plans ensure that your information is protected by any threats from outside parties. XS Usenet premium plans can be combined with VPN and get extra layer of privacy.

7. Support – Our dedicated team is handy in solving any issues that our customers are facing while using the Premium XS Usenet services. Our team at XS Usenet is devoted to delivering you the best possible product and we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

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