How to get unbanned from a Discord server?

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  • 18 May 2023
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What is Discord?

Tens of millions of individuals aged 13 and older use the video, voice, and text messages software Discord to communicate and socialize with their friends and groups.

People often use Discord to discuss various topics, from family vacations and creative projects to mental health help and homework. Any size community may call it home, but tiny, energetic groups who communicate frequently utilize it the most.

Users have freedom over how they use Discord and who they communicate with. Most servers are personal, invite-only locations where communities and friendship circles may communicate and socialize. There are also more significant, more open groups, usually focused on specific subjects like well-known video games like Fortnite and Minecraft.

People adore Discord because it is a hub for all their social networks and communities. They may be themselves there and socialize with others who have similar interests and pastimes. The individuals you choose to chat with and the subjects you desire to discuss determine your conversations on Discord.

What makes Discord unique compared to other platforms?

Even though there are many free communication tools available online, Discord stands out because of its extensive chat possibilities. With a user-friendly UI, it integrates all the most remarkable features of more widely used apps like Slack and Skype. The team behind Discord is committed to making it as effective as possible. Because a voice chat tool would only be of use if it made your games lag while you were using it.

Because of its adaptability, Discord has gained widespread support from users. Who wants a place to connect and speak with others who share their interests rather than simply their friends. It functions as both a social networking platform and a messaging app. Although the app’s chat room feature, where people can join private or public “servers,” is perhaps its most well-liked aspect. It also offers a social forum that’s excellent for bringing people together to play games. Discord is highly helpful for uniting with friends on a private server or finding like-minded people on a public one. In essence, you will not need video games in order to make them useful.

You may set up several member roles when you start a Discord server to customize it in various ways. Such as adding functions for additional moderators or administrators and creating a unique position for your server’s most active users. Your server will benefit from setting up several member roles in various ways, including making management simpler, rewarding members for their activity, and granting multiple access rights.

Discord is simple to use even when you’re not connected to a gaming PC because it is also readily available via various channels. The software is known as a downloaded PC application that you can install on your computer, which is the convenient, lightweight version suited for operating in the background whilst you play games. It also offers web-based, mobile, and beta versions for consoles. As a result, the social features of the program are enhanced because you may communicate with users in your Discord chat server from pretty much anywhere.

How to use a VPN to get unbanned from a Discord server?

1. Remove Discord from your gadget and delete the folder from your PC.

2. To utilize a new IP address, open your VPN software and join a VPN server. We suggest Bandito VPN, presently 30% OFF!

3. Install Discord again.

4. Open a brand-new account with a different email address.

5. Utilize your new account to get into Discord.

Discord bans may be lifted with Bandito VPN.

You can rejoin the server you were previously barred from if it was a server ban instead of a site-wide ban.

Why is a VPN necessary for Discord?

Discord, one of the social applications with the quickest growth, was first developed for gamers to communicate while playing online games like Fortnite using video, voice, or text chat. Its distinguishing feature, which made it famous among gamers, is the ability to add a voice channel to the server. So that you may communicate with other players as you play. However, like numerous other encrypted gaming and communication applications, Discord has been prohibited by organizations, including companies, schools, and certain tyrannical nations. Businesses and educational institutions routinely place access limits on Discord since it may be a diversion for employees and students.

Which is the Best VPN for Discord?

Bandito VPN is the best VPN for Discord since it has a wide range of features and a security-focused service. The Bandito VPN’s characteristics are shown below.

Robust Network

Robust Network Through layer-above-layer redundancy, our Network is designed for resilience.

High-speed servers

To guarantee that our consumers always have access to enough capacity, we scale and proportion VPN nodes. Our Bandito VPN interface allows you to keep tabs on the operation of the VPN node to which you are presently connected.

OpenVPN Protocol

The OpenVPN protocol underpins each one of our services. Connection to our platform is secure and dependable thanks to a mix of SSL certificates, username authentication, and password authentication.

Super-fast internet

Our VPN nodes are spread across many well-connected data centers in key locations. Our Multi-10 Gigabit enabled backbone supports up to 1 Gigabit speed for our VPN service.

Geographic IP Lookup

Need a Singapore IP address? Amsterdam? Or how about New York? You may instantly move between locations using our Bandito VPN web and mobile apps with click-and-go modifications.

Speed test

Put our Network through its paces. Within seven days of your purchase, we will provide you with a free complete refund if you’re not completely happy.

How does Bandito VPN work?

In order for your data to be transferred to the internet through the VPN rather than your home connection. Bandito VPN works by tunneling your device’s connection to the internet through the Network of the VPN server you’ve chosen rather than your ISP. Download our Google Android or iPhone iOS applications from the app store to utilize our sample setup with any OpenVPN client.

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