How to Protect Your IP Address from Hackers?

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  • 29 Jul 2020
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When multiple devices such as mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop connect to the Internet, it must have an IP Address. Short for Internet Protocol, it is a long string of numbers set apart in dotted decimal format. This number enables devices to exchange information and even ‘talk’ to one another. It represents your online identity. Most of us are too occupied with finding information on the Internet to be concerned about a hacker getting their hands on our IP addresses. However, if a hacker does get a hold of your IP address, know that they can cause some serious damage.

What Can Hackers Do With Your IP Address?

A hacker may use your IP address as a baseline to carry out illegal activities. These undertakings may be anything from figuring out your physical location with spiteful intent to accessing unlawful content, and even instigating a network failure.

Here’s what a hacker can do:

1) Block Your Website Access
The hacker may prevent you from opening a particular website or from posting comments in forums. Your IP address may also be used to ban or block you from playing games online. This is a typical way that website administrators ban rule-breakers. It’s called an IP ban.

2) Learn about your Geographical Location
Your IP address can easily reveal where you’re located. Usually, this is limited to the city and state, however, in rare cases, your neighborhood location may also be revealed. Through your IP address, the hacker can determine who your Internet service provider is. Although there isn’t much one can do with this information, when combined with other details, the hacker can piece together your identity.

3) Perform a DoS Attack
Equipped with your IP address, a hacker may perform a denial of service attack. This floods your network with data, inhibiting normal traffic from passing through. Ultimately, it overloads the network’s ability to operate. This type of attack is usually targeted towards large companies and rarely towards individual users.

How to Protect Your IP Address Using Bandito VPN?

Every time you connect to the Internet, it does so via an Internet Service Provider or ISP. Your connection might be fast, but it won’t necessarily be secure. Besides, your geographical location can be easily traced via your IP address.

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs operate a little differently. When you connect through a VPN, your device will first join a private server that is usually located in a different country or city. This server will access the Internet for you. Essentially, the VPN will provide a connection to a discrete server network and will guide all future traffic through this network. By doing so, your actual IP address is masked by one of the server’s IP addresses. This makes it next-to-impossible for hackers to identify your real IP address. A few advanced VPN service providers may transmit several pings concurrently the moment you visit a website. This makes it even harder for the tracker to locate your IP address.

Premium VPN service providers like Bandito VPN keep your information safe and protected by providing a secure and strong connection. Bandito VPN also deceives the Internet by making it think that your location is the same as the private server. This helps it fulfill its privacy requirements. With Bandito VPN, your data is transmitted via an encoded tunnel that exists between your device and the VPN’s servers. VPNs were initially built for corporations; enabling them to transfer sensitive information across public and private networks. Now affordable VPN services are also available for personal use.

How can Bandito VPN help?

When this VPN runs on your tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or any other device, you can securely and confidently, log on to the Internet on both private and public Wi-Fi networks. With Bandito VPN, any website you visit or data you enter whether it’s a password, credit card information, or even a blog post, cannot be captured by a random hacker.
Bandito VPN has several service tricks or ‘spoofs’ that will trick your Internet service into requesting services from a particular location regardless of your real physical location. VPNs like Bandito VPN are helpful and necessary if you need to travel frequently and utilize streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, etc. Streaming services restrict content based on your geographic location.

What are the Bandito VPN features?

Bandito VPN provides users to get access to an extensive variety of server locations that are spread out around the world. Also, Bandito VPN offers affordable VPN service plans with different service durations.
With Bandito VPN, your data is safe and secure from a hacker’s invasion.

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