What is the importance of a No-Log VPN?

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  • 25 Nov 2021
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In this digital age, most people with internet access spend a major chunk of their days online. This exposure has multiple benefits as it opens a path to all that the internet has to offer. However, it also exposes us and makes us vulnerable to cyber threats, like hacking and spying. As a result, the use of “virtual private networks” or VPNs has also increased along with the internet boom. A VPN assures us of privacy as we surf the internet. The most important promise that VPNs make is that they keep no logs. With decreasing online privacy, the no-log feature means your online searches are never tracked or saved by your VPN company. Here we will discuss what a VPN is, how it works and why you should look for a VPN company with a strict no-log policy.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is a digital tool that aims at keeping our online information secure. As we go online, there are innumerable threats that always keep their eyes peeled for our vulnerabilities. A VPN essentially hides us and gives us the safe privilege of privacy. Our internet service providers keep a track of all our data and searches. VPNs hide our IP addresses and encrypt the data while doing so.

How it Works

As we use a public network, it becomes very easy for someone to access our information. A VPN avoids this by extending a private network and launching an encryption protocol as soon as we’re connected to the server. As we access online sources through a VPN, no third party can view what we’re doing.

No-Log VPN

Of all the promises a VPN company makes, the most crucial is perhaps their no-log policy. According to this policy, VPN providers guarantee that no logs are saved by them. As you use the internet, a log is generated between yours and the destination server. This can later be used to extract information about all your online activities.

A VPN switches your IP address with theirs and with their no-log policy, they also don’t keep logs of your connection or browsing activity.

Importance of The No-Log Feature

A no-log VPN is the epitome of online privacy. This is as safe as your information can be on the internet.

Your Privacy

With spying on governments and cybercriminals everywhere, privacy while surfing the internet has become one of the important aspects of our online lives. We choose VPNs because we want our information to be private and only accessible by us. With this, the assurance that even the VPN company doesn’t have a record of what we do online is an added essential benefit. This ensures that whatever we do online cannot be traced back to us.

Online Safety

Staying private means staying safe. If we want to stay safe while using public networks, our best bet is to keep them from realizing we’re even there. If safety from hackers, scams, and cybercriminals is your concern, then you should consider a no-log VPN.

Lesser Chance of Online Attacks

With secure information, there is a smaller window of opportunity available to scammers. This is highly desirable as compared to how vulnerable we are when we don’t have the security of a VPN.

How to Choose a Reliable VPN Company

If you’re considering getting a VPN, you must do your research. Reading the fine print also helps as it ensures that you know what you’re getting yourself into. You want your VPN service provider to be trustworthy and which has enough client reviews to guarantee your trust. We recommend getting Bandito VPN. Here’s why.

Bandito VPN No-Log Policy

Bandito VPN follows a strict no-log policy. This means that your data is secure at all times and no threats can make your information vulnerable. With their strict policies regarding client privacy, Bandito VPN has become one of the most reliable and trustworthy VPN companies out there. Almost all VPN providers promise no-logs and complete privacy but Bandito VPN has the track record and client satisfaction to vouch for them.

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