VPN Myths: Some common VPN myths busted

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  • 31 Oct 2021
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Across the world, there are billions of people who use VPN for accessing the internet in a secure way. A VPN or Virtual Private Network enables the user to access websites privately, over the public network. Many times, before using a VPN, people try out insecure ways of browsing the internet and often fall prey to malware or phishing attacks. Data thefts and data losses are some common issues when the internet connection is not secure.

Virtual Private Network provides substantial protection against many vulnerabilities of the cyberworld. Hence, it is vital to understand common misconceptions that prevent users from using VPN connections.

· VPNs mask illegal online activities: It is perceived that often VPNs are used for carrying out illegal activities online like accessing geo-locked content, meddling with firewalls, and torrent downloads. While many users do make use of a VPN connection for doing a restricted activity, Virtual Private Network logs are stored in an encrypted manner. They can be examined later to assess if the connection was used for performing the forbidden task.

· Mobile VPN security doesn’t matter: Sometimes users have no idea how their private information can be accessed through mobile. Using a smartphone without a VPN to browse looks easy and hassle-free however, there are loopholes. Browsing on a phone without a VPN is insecure and can lead to data breaches by your ISP. They can view your access timings, website visits, and more such information. Normally, without a VPN your data is at risk over your smartphone.

· VPN makes streaming tough: Users fear that accessing certain content websites will not let them watch content on streaming applications, however, this is simply a myth. VPNs have limited access to a selected few streaming platforms, which can be accessed through a split tunnel or bypass features. The bypass features divide VPN into two categories; one for private browsing and another for accessing the internet public.

·  VPN requires expertise to use: Many think since VPNs are highly protected and must be professionally installed on the system, as they require special technical know-how to use them. Some even fear that VPN might require them to install special software which they will not be able to operate without guidance. Contrarily, there are various VPNs available today which are as simple as using a smartphone. Along with this, often VPN connections come with proper guidance on how to install the hardware.

· All VPNs services are the same: Users always look for economical packages for the internet connection. Occasionally, some good ISPs also provide good quality services at nominal prices. But the ground reality is that increased privacy and better speed can cost some extra bucks. While VPN architecture usually is the same, the services and the packages can drastically vary. A VPN connection can vary in terms of price, speed, server, and supported platforms.

· Sever distance makes a difference in VPN: Users worry that if the VPN server is too remotely placed then the connection speed suffers a huge blow. This is not the fact. Many VPN connection providers have a highly robust network of servers that ensure complete privacy with zero latency problems.

VPN or Virtual Private Networks are in usage across every geographical location. Whether, it is an organization, business, or home, VPNs are the most used form of internet access today. Not merely this, VPNs are quite affordable and provide a fair scale of encryption with privacy. The most striking advantage of VPN is privacy and full-proof protection against hackers. Users of VPN can enjoy 256-bit of encrypted browsing across the internet. VPNs also help in providing multiple connections to more than one user at one time. Also, VPN users can easily avoid the data throttling issue, as VPN normally work with great speed even after the data limit gets exhausted,

For users looking for reliable options to access VPN, it is advisable to check about how Virtual Private Network connections work and what is the type of speed that is offered. Many ISP providers have special packages to offer, so users can check the type of server access they need and select the most secure package. While VPN helps in giving secured access over the private network, users should be carefully checked the specifications before opting for the connection. VPNs are easily the new-age technology alternative for accessing a number of websites and downloading data securely.

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