What is NZB File? How to Download it with Usenet?

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  • 13 Feb 2020
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Although the original use of Usenet was to be a bulletin-board service, it changed with the entry of binary newsgroups. There was a switch from text content to searching for the right files on this platform. It resulted in the creation of Usenet NZB file.

What is NZB file?

It is a file format with the .nzb extension. Based on XML, its design is to help users find files they want to download. On Usenet, there is a division of every file into multiple parts. Known as articles, each one contains a message ID, which is a unique number.
The Usenet NZB downloader will know which files it needs to download with the help of the message ID. You can think of NZB file as a collection of these unique numbers.

How to find NZB files?

There are plenty of techniques that you can use to look for NZB files on the internet. The most popular one is to use the newsreader’s built-in search engine. Another option would be to go through NZB site directory. As they are text files, you can use them on all OS platforms, including macOS.

How to download Usenet NZB files?

After you find a NZB file download site, you need to look for the content you want to obtain. Do keep in mind that if you go for websites that offer their services for free, you will have to deal with limited speeds and number of downloads. The software you use to download the NZB file will ask you where you want to save it. Make sure you remember the location, as you will require it for the next step.

NZB downloader – SABnzbd

You need a compatible newsreader, which can download the NZB file. The most popular NZB downloader software is SABnzbd. It is a free tool, which works on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Download the software and go through the setup wizard. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. Make sure you provide the correct Usenet provider data so that the software can work properly. Only select SSL, if you want to use SSL-connection while downloading files. It is a type of encryption that hides your activity from other entities.

Make sure you click on “Test Server” at the end of the installation, to verify that the software works as intended. Also, check out the “User Folders” section of this tool, to find out the default download location. You can make changes to this portion, as per your requirements. Setting up “Watched Folder” is convenient, as the software will start the NZB file download automatically when you place them in this location.

History & future of NZB file

Newzbin, a Usenet indexing site based in the UK, created a new file format, known as NZB file, to index available binaries. As a result, users could look for files with the help of a search engine.
You can think of NZB files as torrent files, as it contains information, to direct software to download files from the correct location.

Downloading NZB using XS Usenet

Although there are platforms which offer to encrypt internet traffic, it is better to take matters into your hands. Using a VPN will help maintain your anonymity online. While there are plenty of providers, you should use XS Usenet, designed for Usenet NZB. It comes with a free package, which gives you five connections, 2 Mbit speed and 25GB Data cap. You can also upgrade to the premium model, which removes restrictions on download speed, data cap, and up to 50 connections simultaneously.

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