What is OpenVPN encryption? Why OpenVPN the most secure VPN protocol? 

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  • 30 Apr 2022
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OpenVPN is a connection protocol that is open source and helps to build a secure pathway between points through a network. This is a technology that VPNs or Virtual Private Networks use to ensure security.

It is a secure protocol that can be customized easily allowing it to be implemented easily. We tell you all you want to know about OpenVPN encryption.

What is OpenVPN encryption?

OpenVPN is an encryption protocol that is recognized industry-wide as being one of the most secure networks available. It is an open-source protocol that ensures site-to-site, as well as point-to-point connections.

OpenVPN is the most secure and popular encryption protocol and is the preferred choice for VPN users. Of the various VPN protocols available, OpenVPN is the only one that is open source. The protocol was created by James Yonan and released in the year 2001. Since it is open-source, anyone can rework the protocol and make improvements to it.

The protocol handles communication between the client and server in a VPN. It does this by creating a secure tunnel from the server to the client. It can use either Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or User Datagram Protocol (UDP) for data transmission. UDP is the preferred layer protocol.

Getting OpenVPN encryption gives you the following benefits:

· You won’t be restricted by geographical restrictions placed by service providers. You can watch shows and visit websites of other countries not allowed in your country.

· Watching international sports shows are easier with OpenVPN.

· You can bypass firewalls easily thanks to this protocol.

· Open VPN can be run on any platform that you use. It can be Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, etc.

· Since it is open-source, you can inspect it (if you know how to code). This helps to verify if the protocol is secure and working fine.

Security and OpenVPN

The first question people would have is about security. Is OpenVPN secure? Is it safe to use?

There are different types of encryption protocols. These include Layer2Tunneling or L2TP, SSTP or Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol, IPSec or Internet Protocol Security, and IKEv2 or Internet Key Exchange Version 2.

When you use the UDP data transmission protocol, OpenVPN’s security is the best. It has been proven very clearly to be highly secure. It is also safe provided proper obfuscation or cloaking. This is needed if VPN is blocked through firewalls at the ISP level. This can be circumvented if the OpenVPN traffic is disguised like regular HTTPS.

What are OpenVPN tunnels?

When an encrypted connection is formed between the VPN server and the client, it happens through the OpenVPN tunnel. The tunnel helps to secure the data that is transferred in the connection. The ISP or anyone else cannot read the data that moves through the tunnel.

It is this method used to ensure privacy and security under the OpenVPN protocol. Thanks to the security offered by the tunnel, even law enforcement officials cannot monitor any traffic through the OpenVPN tunnels.

Components of OpenVPN 

OpenVPN has certain key components that all need to work fine for the protocol to work seamlessly. The following are the components of OpenVPN:

1. The Cipher: It is a key element that is the actual algorithm used for data encryption. AES and Blowfish are some of the common ciphers used. AES is the most popular and secure cipher used.

2. Encryption channels: Two channels are part of the OpenVPN component.

3. Control channel uses the cipher, handshake encryption, hash authentication, and perfect forward secrecy.

4. Data channel used the cipher and has authentication.

5. Hash authentication: It is a cryptographic hash that ensures no one can tamper with data. HMAC SHA or GMC is the hash auth used.

6. Handshake encryption: The TLS key exchange is ensured through handshake encryption. Usually, RSA is used for it.

7. Perfect forward secrecy: In this system, a unique key is created for encryption for each session. Every TLS or Transport Layer Session has its keys after which they disappear.


OpenVPN is a very secure protocol that you can use over your virtual private network. Whether you are playing games online or downloading torrents, you can use this protocol to ensure a secured connection. You must find out from your VPN service provider if they are offering this protocol.

You must know this protocol is not necessarily blazing fast but it is the most secure protocol. If you are looking for strong encryption, then it is strongly recommended. Choose one of the best clients so that your connection is secure.

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