What you need to know about VPN security? How safe is a VPN?

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  • 29 Mar 2022

Benefits of using a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have become popular among internet users. The increased use of the internet over the years is followed by the rising concern of privacy and security-related issues. As we browse websites, our private details such as banking information, passwords, IP addresses, etc are susceptible to getting hacked by dubious entities. This can pose a serious issue for individuals and may lead to untoward incidents of theft, a stolen identity, and fraud. Our details travel across several servers across the globe, which further promotes such activities.


Virtual Private Networks have become popular over the years as internet frauds and thefts have increased. The virtual private network ensures that your details such as your IP address encrypted before getting forwarded to servers across the globe. The encryption ensures that your details are not accessible to third-party entities. This additional layer of encryption makes the process of surfing the web much safer.

Furthermore, VPNs provide additional benefits. As the IP address gets encrypted when using the web browser, users can access several location-restricted contents from any corner of the world. For example, online streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney plus limit several of their content depending upon the location from where you stream. This is mostly due to the legal implication of content management. So content which is available in Britain, may not be available in Australia. However, with VPN, consumers can access British content from Australia as the IP address and location gets encrypted.

How to choose a VPN

The market is full of VPN services. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while selecting a VPN server. It is important to know what are the various features that protect our privacy on the internet and whether the said VPN server is providing those features. We shall discuss a few such features.

· Encryption – As discussed above, IP address encryption is the most important benefit of a VPN. So any VPN server must provide the option of encrypting IP addresses. Any VPN service which does not provide encryption is almost as good as not using one at all. Without IP address encryption, the user data is not protected.

· Encryption Of Log Files – If you spend an hour online, visiting websites, and consuming data, there is a trail of the activity that I stored over the browser. These are in the form of cookies, search history, saved login ID, and passwords. Such data are often stored in various web browsers and are accessible to others in case of a hack. So a VPN server must allow for Log files encryption, which further encrypts this trail of activity.

· Logging In Authentication – It is important that no other party apart from you be able to access your VPN server. This can compromise your data. So, the use of two-factor authentication, which asks for logging details from multiple sources, further helps keep your VPN server secure.

· Kill-Switch – A kill switch is a default mode, whereby, anytime your access to VPN is disconnected, the browser and web pages are closed automatically. It helps improve the efficiency of the VPN.

Is using s VPN safe?

VPN has become very popular over the years. However, the market is flooded with many such VPNs which promise a whole deal of features. The important thing to keep in mind while deciding on a VPN is never downloaded anything without doing a fair share of reviews and background checks.

As mentioned above, your VPN provider must provide the features we listed above. Look for customer reviews on the internet and how others’ experiences have been.

Furthermore, there is a host of free VPNs out there that promise all with no money. Most of these VPNs are scams. A company can’t provide a free service of such a high-grade secured connection.

Bandito VPN is one such reliable VPN that has stood among many users over the years. They have been around for a while. Bandito VPN comes with various service plans that you may choose from. Choose a reliable and popular VPN for a hassle-free browsing experience.

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