Why is a VPN still important in 2022?

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  • 28 Feb 2022
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Is there any site that doesn’t track what you do nowadays?

Everything you search on Google is recorded.

Everything you put in your cart on a shopping website is recorded.

Who’s recording these things? The websites you visit with the cookies they store on your computer.

Why do they record these things? To sell these details to people you don’t know who will spam your phone with sales calls and bug you all day.

Your privacy is important. So get a VPN to protect yourself. As a bonus, you’ll protect yourself from hackers and creeps as well.

How does a VPN work?

Think of a VPN as a tunnel. When you surf the internet, you connect to a computer far away that sends bits and bytes to your computer. Your computer translates this stuff into websites, videos, and pop-up ads. When you connect to a VPN, you connect through a tunnel instead. No one can see what you’re doing in the tunnel.

Your government doesn’t know what you’re doing. Your internet provider doesn’t know what you’re doing. So you can browse anything you want. Even stuff your government doesn’t want you to see.

This tunnel you connect through is encrypted. No one can sniff your traffic to see what you’re doing. If someone tries to spy on you, all they get is rubbish data that doesn’t make any sense.

This is the point of a VPN.

Why is a VPN important for businesses?

Businesses have a lot of data to protect. There’s customer data, which is extremely sensitive. Think credit card information, home addresses, and personal details. Then there’s business data that any rival would be glad to have. A regular internet connection is extremely vulnerable. Anyone with a traffic sniffer can spy on what you do. They can snatch up passwords and banking details. If you run a business, they can snatch up so much more.

A hacker that’s able to sniff traffic data on an employee has lots of opportunities to make money. They can steal proprietary information and sell it to anyone willing to pay. Or they can expose sensitive information to the public and cause chaos instead.

With so many people working from home in 2022, hackers are presented with loads of opportunities to steal data. This is a big problem many companies are facing.

A VPN solves this problem with ease.

When an employee connects to their business from home, the VPN encrypts their data. So even if someone’s watching them, they can’t steal passwords, photos, or any other sensitive data. A business needs privacy, and any responsible business owner would be wise to purchase a VPN to get that privacy.

Advantages of a VPN

·        A VPN hides where you live.

A VPN is like a proxy. You can live in Europe, but connect to an Australian server and pretend to be from Australia. There’s no way for someone to know where you’re really from. This means you can browse streaming sites and unlock region-specific videos that would be impossible for you to watch otherwise.

·        A VPN secures your internet connection.

Paid VPN services use powerful encryption. This level of encryption is impossible to crack and takes thousands of hours to brute force. Normally, you should never log into your personal email on public Wi-Fi. But with a VPN, you have an additional layer of security that makes you a less attractive target to hackers and snoops.

·        A VPN improves your gaming performance.

VPN servers are all over the world. If your game server is thousands of miles away, all you need to do is connect to a nearby VPN server to improve your game performance. This means you’ll lag less. And the less you lag, the more fun you’ll have and the more you’ll win.

Free VPNs vs Premium VPNs

What do free VPNs offer?

Free VPNs give you a very basic level of anonymity.

You can change your IP address to get around website bans and suspensions. You can pretend to be from somewhere you’re not, but with lots of limitations.

Your online traffic can still be tracked. And public VPNs have limited bandwidth. This means you’re sharing your connection with countless others. If the server is full, you will need to wait. Possibly for hours or days.

Since VPN servers cost money to host, the person offering you the free VPN has to find another way to make money. Get ready for pop-ups and endless ads.

Many of these ads will take you to questionable sites that try to install spyware on your computer.

Remember: If you’re not the customer, you’re the product.

What do premium VPNs offer?

Premium VPNs often come with 256-bit encryption, along with split tunneling, kill switches, IPv6 protection, and DNS security.

These are all additional layers of security that give you a true level of anonymity and protection.

Unlike free VPNs, premium VPNs have a ton of servers. This means you don’t have to wait if one is full. You get your privacy when you want it because you’re a paying customer. You can stream videos without worrying about stuttering. You can play games without lag. You won’t get kicked off your VPN as long as you’re a paying customer because it’s full. A premium VPN gives you a premium experience.

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