The History of the alt. hierarchy

The Alt. Hierarchy was a major transformation that enabled a better distribution chain in the newsgroup postings. The alt. hierarchy, coined and developed by Brian Reid was a revolutionary transformation of the Great Renaming of 1987.

- 3 Minutes Read
webmaster Nov 18, 2020

Usenet vs Google Groups vs Torrent: What’s best for you?

Several offbeat groups have come up at different points in time, but the three main giants in the online communication platform scene remain the peer-to-peer file-sharing platforms: Usenet, Google Groups, and Torrent.

- 4 Minutes Read
webmaster Oct 29, 2020

Importance of VPN for Remote-Based Small Businesses. Safe and Secure Data Sharing.

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are a safe conduit for data traveling to and from your device. It is like a shield within which all data is secure and encrypted.

- 4 Minutes Read
webmaster Oct 25, 2020

How safe are VPNs? Bandito VPN review 2020

In an era of big data and connected systems, personal data is the new gold mine. The use of public Wi-Fi for the exchange of personal and professional data though various mediums makes it susceptible to tracing and misuse.

- 4 Minutes Read
webmaster Sep 28, 2020

40 Years of Usenet. A Brief History of Usenet

Usenet, a system designed for worldwide communication, has a rich history, going back to 40 years. It was used as a discussion platform by like minded people and existed before what we know today as message boards.

- 4 Minutes Read
webmaster Sep 14, 2020

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