What is Google Groups? How is it different from Usenet Newsgroups

When you come across Usenet newsgroups, you will also hear about Google Groups. What is this type of communication network? Is there any difference between Google Groups and Usenet Newsgroup?

How to download using Usenet for free?

When it comes to downloading different types of files from the internet, nothing can match free Usenet.

Why is Usenet still Important in 2020?

Usenet is a worldwide distributed network where people share and exchange news. Users can post information on the Usenet network freely without any interference and minimum censorship.

How to get a free Usenet account with Lifetime Validity?

XS Usenet is one of the best free Usenet providers. To access XS Usenet all you need to do is visit the official homepage of xsusenet.com and open an account to subscribe Usenet. It also has premium Usenet plans, which have an edge over free Usenet.

What is NZB File? How to Download it with Usenet?

NZB is a file format with the .nzb extension. Based on XML, its design is to help users find files they want to download.

How to Use Usenet: Beginner’s Guide to Usenet Newsgroups

Usenet was conceived way back in 1979 by Tom Truscott and Jay Ellis. Their software development tool of choice being the Unix-to-Unix Copy (UUCP), a general purpose dial-up network architecture.

Importance of Usenet Retention and Completion in choosing a Usenet provider

XS Usenet

Usenet Retention is the amount of time the files will be kept saved on the servers of the Usenet provider.

Why Usenet is considering as the Best Alternative to Torrents in 2020

“Torrents”: It is the new synonym for file transfer in the digital world. People across the globe use it for all type of data sharing requirements from movies to software and much more.

How Usenet Newsgroups can help grow your Business?

Millions of subscribers, thousands of newsgroups that discuss anything from knitting to cosmic rays, make Usenet a highly fertile soil for any marketing activities.